China Partnership

Falcon Plastics teams with two other manufacturers in Chinese partnership. Falcon Plastics has joined forces with injection-molding companies in Pennsylvania and Oregon as a co-owner and operator of a custom plastics factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. This is an injection molding company currently supplying the automotive, transportation and medical markets with custom molded components. According to Jay Bender, President, the new partnership enables the firms to better serve existing multinational customers and expand their reach to international markets. “We’re excited about it,” Bender says. “It sets us apart, and it makes us a stronger supplier for existing customers and will help us attract new customers.” Mr. Bender is quick to point out that the partners won’t be manufacturing in China for the American marketplace. “Our strategy is not to go over there, make product and ship it back to the U.S.,” said Bender. “It’s to go over there to support our multinational customers who already have operations over there.” For Falcon this is an expansion of its operations. There will be no plant closings, layoffs or jobs shipped overseas as a result of this partnership.

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